Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Its MaGic!

Hey There Kidos. So since its the New Year and all I am going to try to post a lot more of my doodles. Hopefully I will be able to stick to it this year...but I have High hopes and Im going to try my Darndest to post more.
I'll catch you on the Flip Side!


Blogger Mitch K said...

Haha Nice curve. This is hilarious. I love how you draw your lips now. You didn't do that too often when I first met you.

Do you actually have a cape? You should get one. Sometimes I run around with my bath towel tied around my neck. It's fun.

This drawing is great. You could have put some flowers sticking out of your sleeve -- that'd be funny. But I think your crossed eyes are funny enough... just like when you actually cross your eyes.

I guess most people don't know that you actually UN-cross your eyes most of the time. Your eyes are actually naturally crossed, right? =)

11:10 AM  

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